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Tablet PC Buying Guide

Looking to buy a Tablet PC or other Tablet related items? Not sure which one to choose? It's not suprising with so many different makes and models on the market there is a vast and sometimes overwhelming choice. In our guide below we'll try and cut out the jargon and hopefully point you in the right direction.

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Choosing a Tablet PC these days is no easy task given the extensive range of options that are included with even the most basic Tablets. Only a few years ago, the tablet market barely existed, now it's flooded with tablets, each offering differing specifications from screen size to processing power. We will detail basic information below that will cover some of the main considerations you should have in mind when purchasing a tablet pc. Hopefully this will help you decide on the priorities for your own purchase, and that should help you target the perfect tablet for you.

Let's start with the basic question - what is a tablet pc?
Tablet PCs basically cover the area between laptops and smartphones. They combine the mobility and ease of connection of a smartphone with a larger screen, more powerful processor that's more comparable to a laptop. The operating system these devices utilise is specifically designed to be lightweight and with a focus towards touchscreen technology.

What Kind Of Things Can I Do With A Tablet?
Tablets are best suited for web browsing, email creation & retrieval, reading e-books, playing games both local and online, photo creation, viewing & sharing, video creation & viewing, music and much more. Despite all the great possibilities you will find that tablets do have limitations. For instance many people find that touchscreen keyboards are not ideal when doing lots of typing also size of screen can be an issue for long term use. For the majority of people a Tablet PC will cover the majority of their internet needs.

What Features Should I Look At?
Speed and processor: How fast a tablet can operate is determined by the processor and the speed it can achieve. Any tablet worth purchasing should be able to quickly open a webpage, play a video or just launch an app without an unreasonable delay. Processors of 1GHz speed or more are considered optimum by many. The best price to performance ratio will probably fall near the middle or even on the low side of the price range for the product you are considering.

Screen Size: Pretty self explanatory. The bigger the screen the easier it is to read/use but this has to be considered alongside overall size & weight of the tablet. Typically they range from the small 7.0" screen to the larger 13.3" screen.

RAM: Tablets with 512MB or more of RAM will usually run better and have increased performance.

Storage capacity: To store photos, videos, emails etc on your tablet you need to look at the amount of onboard storage that comes with the tablet. The larger the storage capacity (shown in GB) the greater the number of photos, videos, music, emails etc you will be able to save on the tablet.

Wireless capabilities: Most tablets have the ability to connect to the internet over a Wi-Fi network or/and a 3G mobile data network. Having Wi-Fi means that your tablet can connect to the internet wirelessly and increases the versatility of the tablet. Wi-Fi is usually cheaper and faster but the option to have both is helpful when no Wi-Fi connection is available.

Camera: Many tablets offer a built in camera - whilst this is a helpful feature for photo & video sharing it may not be important for every tablet user.

Size & Weight: An important consideration for many but far too often overlooked. Remember that you will carry this tablet around with you for probably quite some time so how it looks and its size is important.

Whilst we hope that the above information is helpful it is not intended to be a comprehensive guide of every aspect of buying a tablet pc. We hope though that the above assists and gives a brief introduction into some of the more common terms used. Invariably the choice of what tablet to choose is yours and must most accurately reflect your requirements.

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